• Teachers register within their districts/schools.
  • Districts/schools are limited to 75 registered teachers per session. Others may take their chances as walk-ins
  • If a district fails to send a roster by the deadline, all participants who arrive will be considered walk-ins and subject to this .
  • Procedures
    • On the day of the event, all walk-ins (anyone not on the roster sent 1 week ahead) will sign in on a waiting list. Just before the workshop begins, they will be given available seats in the order they signed in on the waiting list.
    • The host district will send email asking for rosters 2 weeks before the event.
    • All districts/schools will cut-off registration within their districts/schools 2 weeks before the event.
    • All districts/schools will email the host a roster of their registered teachers 1 week before the event.
      • You must send a roster. Send your district sign-in sheet or the attached roster with your teachers’ names on it.
      • You must respond. If you have no teachers registered, tell the host that.

  • Calendar
    • October - partial participant invoices due for current year
    • May - participant agreements collected for the following year
    • June - full participants invoices
    • 2nd partial invoices as needed

Issuing Credit
  • The participant's employing school district makes all credit decisions. The host district does not issue credit for attendees.
  • The Coop follows a strict late policy due to the professional development requirements for teachers of the gifted being mandated by the Texas Administrative Code.
  • Participants who are more than 15 minutes late arriving or returning from the lunch break will receive a late notice with instruction on how to contact the decision-makers in their districts.
  • Participants who leave early will not receive a certificate to document attendance.
  • The Coop's sessions are not to be used for partial credit.

Coop Meeting Cycle
  • May - set up school year
  • September - discuss expo and year to come
  • January - set up summer and expo

Hosting a Session

Click here for support regarding hosting a session.